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RCG Research Consultants has gained extensive experience in international qualitative market research.

RCG has built up a tight network of close personal relations with competent partner institutes, which proves its worth in practice. Due to the smooth and direct co-operation with our partners, a reliable and efficient execution of the projects is guaranteed.

A thorough understanding of the markets and cultures is a prerequisite for successful global marketing. Our intensive international research activities in the fields of marketing and social research have provided us with a profound knowledge of the socio-economic and cultural particularities of the various markets our clients are able to capitalise on.

Our philosophy in international research:

  • Tight and direct co-ordination
  • Short ways of communication
  • Project management on site

RCG regularly performs qualitative market research projects in the following regions/countries:
  • Western Europe (Germany, England, France, Greece, Holland, Italy, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland)
  • Eastern Europe (the Baltic, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Rumania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine)
  • USA
  • Asia (China, Hong-Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan)
  • Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Mexico)
  • Africa (South Africa)

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