Company Profile




Branches of Industry



Core Competencies

Image and Corporate Identity analysis

  • Brand studies on tactical and strategic brand management
  • Brand core analysis to determine the success factors and optimisation potential of a brand
  • Brand expansion studies to evaluate possible line extensions and affiliate new product fields
  • Brand positioning studies: Identification of the discriminators and motivational drivers of a brand

Analysis and Evaluation of Communication Measures
  • Input studies on the development of argumentation and communication platforms
  • Complementary research on communication concept development
  • Evaluation of initial approaches, within the framework of an iterative process with the client
  • Advertising pre-tests: Efficient and thorough examination of all forms of advertising media with regard to target conformity and optimisation of impact
  • Strategic analysis of communication concepts with respect to long-term effects on brand identity and positioning

Evaluation of marketing-mix elements

  • Evaluation of packaging concepts
  • Product acceptance tests and offer concept evaluations
  • Evaluation of names, claims, on-pack information etc.
  • Price sensitivity studies
  • Optimisation of website

Innovation Research
  • Evaluation of new product and service concepts
  • Input studies on the identification of innovation potential and the development of ideas

Consumer Insight Research and analysis of Decisions to Buy

Quantitative Diagnostic Research

Qualitative Social Trend Research (world-wide)

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